Team Competition

We’re excited to announce that this year’s event will feature a team competition, where teams of four will compete in time trials across the entire event to see which group can complete the course in the quickest time.

Your team will be challenged by an array of obstacles that will push you to the limits of your physical abilities and test your mental resolve as you race against other teams of four. The cost for each team to enter is $120 and team members will each run the course one time, with the team time being the average of each team member’s run.

Is Your Team Ready To Accept the Challenge?

Test Your Skills & Support a Great Cause

By purchasing tickets for the Cookeville Ninja Challenge, you will be supporting the Hope Adoption Center. They support women in unexpected pregnancies make a loving, life-giving choice for their child through adoption, and Christian couples in the adoption journey. Be sure to take advantage of this challenging opportunity for a great cause!